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Craft like a pro designer with

The power of building blocks


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Enjoy fully integrated marketing solutions

From social media to push notifications and live chat, Lioo is fully packed with all you need to boost your online activity.

  • Plan, monitor, and analyze your social accounts in one place.
  • Send push notifications anywhere on the Web.
  • Chat with visitors and turn them into leads and customers.
  • Track links to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Where innovation meets design

Get smart propositions of design and perfect color combinations with Lioo's Artificial Design Intelligence.

Need the right picture? No need to hire a professional photographer. Get access to millions of royalty-free photos and illustrations.

Smart form builder integrated with all business apps

Optimize your conversion rates with tailor-made forms for any purpose.
  • After-sales issues
  • Job applications
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Contact forms

Complete eCommerce

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Powerful backend

The most business oriented website builder

Connected to hundreds of business apps out-of-the-box.
  • Social Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Events
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Inventory

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