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Sie erhalten Zugriff auf unsere skalierbare Cloud-Infrastruktur einschließlich Hosting, inkrementellen täglichen Sicherungen auf zwei Kontinenten, E-Mail-Integration, erstklassige Sicherheit, Überwachung rund um die Uhr und ein Bedienfeld zur Verwaltung Ihrer Lioo-Umgebung. Ihre Lioo-Instanz wird nach Bedarf erweitert, um Ihnen dann Zugang zu neuen Funktionen zu gewähren, wenn Sie es wünschen.
Sie können sich per E-Mail oder Livechat in der Anwendung an unseren englisch- und französischsprachigen Support wenden, der Ihnen Montag bis Freitag zur Verfügung steht.
Detaillierte Geschäftsbedingungen erhalten

A user is defined as an employee or a supplier who has or will have access to Lioo in create and/or edit mode. External users (such as clients or suppliers who are portal users) are not counted in the number of users. For example:

  • An employee who reports their expenses or timesheet is counted as a user;
  • A third party accountant who uses Lioo to work on your numbers will be counted as a user;
  • Customers and suppliers that have access to their invoices on-line will NOT be counted as users;
  • Visitors to the Lioo website will NOT be counted as users.

We provide functional support and bug fixing services on standard features, 24/5, in English via email. A dedicated consultant is available in our Success Packs only.

Some Apps are built on top of others, meaning those Apps require their parent App to operate. For example, eCommerce is dependent on the Website App. In order to activate eCommerce, you will also need to install Website to inherit its parent functionalities.

When using Lioo Online, you can download a backup of your database at any time through the control center. You own your data!

Our cloud infrastructure runs on the latest version of Lioo with regular upgrades. On-premise users must use the latest stable version of Lioo. If you would like to switch from Lioo Online to Lioo On-Premise, the best time to make this change is immediately following the release of the newest stable version.

Lioo also provides a service to help you switch from Lioo On-premise to Lioo Online free of charge if your local database uses the latest stable version. For more details or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Fill in the above form and the page will offer you the best Success Pack according to your needs. According to our experience with preceding projects, we recommend the right business pack so that 80% of our customers can deploy Lioo successfully for the required scope with only one success pack.

The most common reasons a customer would buy an extra Success Pack for their initial implementation are data import issues (due to unorganized merge data or abnormally large volume of data to import), unnecessary customizations (resulting in longer lead times), or needing additional training for employees prior to completion of implementation.

Some customers may also elect to purchase an additional Success Pack after implementation because they want to make their solution evolve over time as the company grows (support hours expire after one year).

Of course! Our support team is able to guide you during implementation in order to setup your domain using Lioo based on how you plan to manage your emails using the same domain name.

Some Apps in Lioo are offered free of charge such as Survey, Discuss, Notes, Chat, and Employees. Other Apps are bundled within others such as Blog, Forum, Live Chat and Slides within the Website App and will not appear on this page.

The real costs to maintain an Lioo implementation are not the hosting costs (<1% of our turnover), but the human costs related to the maintenance services: support, upgrades, deployment, maintenance of email/backup/database servers.

Although we have extra server costs for the hosting of a Cloud customers, those customers don't have email configuration issues, are always on the latest versions, don't have upgrade difficulties, etc.

So, although it sounds paradoxical, a Cloud customer costs us less money to maintain than an On Premise customer. As Cloud customers usually have a better experience (it works in a few clicks with a fine tuned infrastructure), we decided to offer the hosting for free.

The free offer is forever, for unlimited users, as long as you do not install extra applications.